24th September 2020 |

The European Arrest Warrant:

Current Challenges and the Way Forward

Is the EAW a success story or in dire need of reform? What are the major challenges and what are feasible solutions? How do we deal with poor detention conditions and rule of law concerns in the issuing state? What is the (remaining) role for the public prosecutors in EAW surrender procedures? Are the requested person's procedural rights and legal remedies sufficiently guaranteed? How can we implement the ECJ's Petruhhin judgment in practice? What are the lessons learned from the Covid-19 pandemic?

These and other issues are already being discussed at the European level. As part of Germany's EU Council Presidency, we are hosting a virtual EAW conference on 24 September 2020 which will address current challenges and possible solutions through an exchange of ideas among 100 experts from EU Member States and EU institutions, as well as legal practitioners and legal scholars. At the core of the conference, four sets of current challenges will be discussed in four parallel working groups. The findings of the conference will be published in a report that is intended to make a contribution to the ongoing discussion on the future of the EAW.

For more details, please see above the programme and a concept note of the event as well as some background information on our speakers and moderators.